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This project-based course throws you into the deep-end, giving you the training and tools to create a fully-realized piece from bid to final render.

Tackle a Job from Start to Finish

Being a fully independent Motion Designer has a lot of challenges. You need to know how to handle EVERY part of the process, from creating bids and schedules, all the way through handling the creative execution. If being your own boss sounds appealing to you and you’re ready for the challenge of creating your own visual masterpiece, look no further than this course. By the end of Explainer Camp you’ll have all of the skills necessary to tackle a project from start to finish.


Jake Bartlett is a motion designer and online instructor based in Denver Colorado. After working at a production company in Los Angeles for nearly five years he decided to quit his day job to pursue the freelancer’s life, teaching animation online. His creativity runs on coffee, lego bricks and “Weird Al” Yankovic. Throughout his career he’s had the opportunity to work for clients like Coca-Cola, Twitter, Skype, Evernote, HGTV, NatGeo Wild and Norah Jones.

Course Overview

WEEK NUMBER 1: Meet your classmates, get comfy with the course format, dive right in with an Evaluation exercise designed to get your creative juices flowing.


  • Familiarize Yourself with the Course
  • Developing Good Taste
  • Thinking Visually

WEEK NUMBER 2: What happens when a client actually has a project for you? In this week, you’ll learn about the initial phase of a project. You’ll bid, schedule, and begin to concept the project for your client. You want to get this part right.


  • Creating a Bid
  • Scheduling Time for a Project
  • Creating a Solid Concept

WEEK NUMBER 3: You generally don’t want to just hop into After Effects and start keyframing. You need to build a strong foundation for your work, so this week will see you storyboarding your idea and creating an animatic.


  • Storyboarding and Sketching
  • Recording Scratch VO
  • Cutting an Animatic

WEEK NUMBER 4:This week gives you a breather to let you really finesse your concept and animatics, but the learning won’t stop. You’ll take a deep dive into breaking down client briefs, and learn why it’s important to start a project out with a solid foundation.


  • Dissecting Client Briefs
  • Why Previs and Bids are Important

WEEK NUMBER 5:It’s time to bust out those Design skills! You’ll create Style Frames and Design Boards to show the client what the final product will look like. You’ll also get to see how to handle a surprise client change.


  • Creating Style Frames
  • Presenting to a Client
  • Dealing with Client Changes

WEEK NUMBER 6: It’s time to start animating. With a strong foundation and buy-in from the client, you’ll begin crafting the final :30 piece.


  • Workflow Tips for Complex Projects
  • Animating from Story Boards

WEEK NUMBER 7: This week is another light one meant to give you time to focus on animating your final piece. We’ll give you a bit of bonus content with some insights and techniques to be more persuasive in your work.


  • Using MoGraph for Good
  • The Art of Script Writing

WEEK NUMBER 8:Animating a full thirty second spot takes time, and this week is another opportunity for you to keep animating. You’ll also learn how to navigate client comments, how to best present your work to ensure that your project goes smoothly, and how to direct VO talent.


  • Navigating Client Comments During Animation
  • Presenting Your Work to a Client

WEEK NUMBER 9: This last week sees you finishing up your project and learning how to apply those final touches that can bring the extra 10% to your work. You’ll also learn about sound design, simple mixing techniques, and how to bring a big project to the finish line.


  • Adding Polish to your Project
  • Doing Sound Design
  • Presenting your Final Piece

WEEK NUMBER 10, 11, 12: You’ve got an additional 3 weeks to finish your project and to get target feedback from your Teaching Assistant. This piece should be a great one for your reel, so take advantage of the resources available to you in Explainer Camp!


  • Extended Critique Period

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